BossCat Litter

WHY SHOULD I USE BossCat Litter?

Super Absorbent

BossCat Litter expands to collect moisture, meaning it works even better & more cost effective than other cat litters. Made from compressed virgin wood which absorbs fantastically, you use LESS in a tray than other cat litters. Trials show that BossCat Litter absorb more moisture at a faster rate than clay or paper kitty litters.      view trials here

View the Media Presentation today on BossCat® Litter

Excellent Odour Control

NO MORE urine smell, BossCat Litter has a fresh pine fragrance that clears the urine smell from the air, a big selling factor for cattery's and those of you who do not wish for a urine smell to fragrance your homes. 

READ TESTIMONIAL ..............."NO SMELL, a number one factor........................."

100% Natural

Wouldn’t you be wanting your cat to be using a totally natural product?
  • No Glues,
  • Not Mined from the ground,
  • Doesn’t have ink or contain other residues?
BossCat Litter is TOTALLY Natural made from wood waste (sawdust & shavings) which are forced to compress together TOTALLY NATURAL and TOTALLY RENEWABLE, Safe for your cat and very environmentally friendly!

View Tests on Wood Pellets vs Crystal & Clay Litters

More on BossCat...

  • BossCat Litter has come with rapid growth into the New Zealand Market, with eager customers enthusiastic to get their hands on such a natural, super absorbent product.
  • BossCat has low dust levels and no mineral dust found in most clay litters, also on glues or additives found in most paper products.  BossCat is 100% Natural.
  • It is very easy to see areas in the tray that have been soiled with BossCat Litter. As the pellets swell fast to collect the moisture.

Available in 6 Litre

Perfect for resale in Retail Markets - Pet shops, Catteries. 

1510 2159 2434-435-743    35 x 6 pussydo 

5 x 6 Litre                                         35 x 6 Litre

240 x 6 ltr pussydo    ginger cat and ball

240 x 6 Litre (full pallet).

Available in 20 Litre

Used extensively in Catteries, Vets & Breeders. 

twin-pack-clear-623                   10-x-20-Ltr-679
2 x 20 Litre twin pack                  10 x 20 Litre

30 x bags-46                        70-x-20Ltr-785

30 x 20 Litre                                70 x 20 Litre



Wholesale customers contact 0800 101 601 
email for information.


Retail customers a list of resellers can be found HERE
or contact us on 0800 101 601 for information of a reseller in your area.

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