Recommended Usage Guide

BossCat® Cat Litter has a secret to success that no other litter has!

How you use BossCat Litter is dependent on whether you are using the BossCat® Litter Tray System.  If using the Litter Tray - download info here on usage otherwise continue reading for instructions on using BossCat in a regular tray.

The secret is to use little and change often.  BossCat is fast becoming a favourite cat litter for vets and catteries all around New Zealand.   It's high absorption rate, 100% recyclable qualities, no chemicals and made from pure pine wood, are only a few of its many fantastic qualities. The natural pine wood leave's a pleasant fragrance in your cat’s area that covers all waste smells.  Cats love it and so will you!

Recommended Quantity of BossCat® per  Tray
20 Ltr bag = 60 Approx Changes 300/350ml (Max 400ml)
6 Ltr bag   = 17 Approx Changes 300/350ml (Max 400ml)

Quantities recommended are based on experience from vets and catteries. The amount of Cat Litter recommended is due to the moisture being totally absorbed and the best use made from each BossCat® pellet. This will result in regular changes for hygiene purposes.  Although this seems a small amount it has been found to work out the best for efficiency and hygiene.

A tray completely filled with BossCat® will not be totally effective as only the top layer will be used in absorption and the bottom pellets will not be used to their full capacity.  These are wasted when the tray is changed.

These quantities are only for recommendation, and amount used per tray is entirely up to your own discretion.

Vets and catteries using BossCat® in New Zealand have had great success.  Absorbing up to 200% of its own weight, BossCat® has higher absorbing qualities than most other litters.

View Tests of BossCat Litter vs other Litters.
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