The advantages of BossCat Litter


Natural Benefits

• Made entirely from untreated wood, with no additives, keeping your cat safe from harm.
• Natural pine fragrance eliminates all obnoxious odours, making for a pleasant household.

Environmental Responsibility

• Made using 100% recycled, untreated natural wood from forestry and mill by-products.
• Accredited as a carbon neutral product, BossCat® is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

No Dirty Paw Marks

• The BossCat® Tray System prevents cats from tracking litter across surfaces.
• The detachable kick ring prevents messy cats from kicking and spilling litter.

Reduces Waste

• Absorbs up to 200% of its weight in liquid, making it the most cost-effective litter.
• The BossCat® Tray System sifts used materials so untarnished litter remains useable.

Sustainable Margin Options for Retailersfreeimage-518944-web-416

• BossCat® provides very good and sustainable margins for the retailer as well as providing incredible economy and value for the consumer.
• BossCat® Cat Litter 6Ltr: loved by small to medium households, as an easy and fast, cash-and-carry item with attractive packaging and simple instructions.
• BossCat® Cat Litter 20Ltr: popular with large households with multiple cats, cat breeders, vet clinics, and catteries – whose use provides a strong endorsement of quality.

Custom-made Tray Combos for Brand Loyalty

• BossCat® Litter Tray—Combo: Market leading, innovative design reduces tracking, spillage, and waste.
• Combo Deal Includes: BossCat Litter Tray with waste reduction and antitracking system.
• 6ltr BossCat® Cat Litter, scoop and simple instructions.
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