Pussydo Deluxe Litter Tray

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BossCat® Deluxe Litter Tray

Tired of litter tracking through your house?  Rather a fragrant smell of fresh Pine rather than cat urine?  Want a 100% natural litter that's not contaminated by glues, inks or been mined?  Rather spend more time playing with your cat rather than cleaning up after it?   THIS IS FOR YOU.....

Proven results from our BossCat Litter Tray!


The good litter isn't thrown out with the used litter.


Wet litter falls to the bottom tray and removed.  Fresh pine smell of BossCat Cat litter covers any urine or ammonia smells.


With all the fine particles sieved out - there's no way they can track on your carpet.


You'll love the look of only fresh pellet in the tray!

 To view a MEDIA PRESENTATION on BossCat Litter & Trays - Click Here

Instructions for Usage: Download instructions for BossCat® Litter Tray Here



The DELUXE BossCat Litter Tray for those bigger cats that find it hard to "do business" in the standard BossCat Litter Trays

Deluxe Tray (2)-488

Delux tray standard.

(with scoop and instructions)
Dimensions: External: 490 Length x 400 Width x 110 Height (without kick ring)
Internal: 445 Length x 300 Width x 80 Height (without kick ring) 
Pussydo cat litter tray Deluxe-824     

Delux combo

1 x Delux tray
1 x 6Ltr Pussydo bag
1 x Slotted scoop
1 x Instructions

Trays available to wholesale customers in packs of  12, 20 and 70
contact 0800 101 601 email sales@bosscat.co.nz for information.



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