Hi Team
Thank you for helping us to make a difference with your great product. Attached FYI is the difference that we have made to waste management with the help of our local council.
We have shared this with our clients and supporters on our Facebook page  FYI.
Kind regards,

*Read more about what Liza achieved with BossCat (previously Pussydo) on our Case Studies page!

Hi there.
I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful service and to express my absolute amazement at this fantastic product!!  I took ages to order my first smaller tray to try out on my cats. Used to look at the product on Trademe and finally ordered!! So happy I did.  I just received the larger size tray the other day and was so impressed by your *Very Fast* delivery...All is well and for a change, there is no horrible smell in my laundry...:) in fact, no smell at all!!  I love it and recommend it to everyone who needs to keep their cat(s) inside most of the time....
Heartfelt Thanks :)  P.S.  the jelly beans were very nice too!!
Another extremely **Happy Customer**
Annette Kocher.

"The litter is AMAZING!! Works fantastically, flushes down the toilet and the cats love it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND." Fiona Niven
I dithered about buying BossCat(previously Pussydo®) Litter Trays for a long time but when I finally bought one, I couldn't believe how great they really are, they are everything as described and more! I now own four an will never use any other litter now. No heavy rubbish bags anymore as broken down pellets are great in the garden. Quick & easy to clean. Happy cats & happy me. Jan
We've been using your product for a week now and I have to say it has gone way beyond my expectations! Its by far the very best cat litter product I've ever, ever seen! No odor, easy to dispose of, economical (it lasts for AGES!)… I'd never use anything else. I've always hated having a cat litter tray inside, but this has made it painless.  Thanks so much. Hilary 
I'm amazed at what a great product this is.  I have a 24 year old cat who seldom ventures outside these days, and prior to using the BossCat ( previously Pussydo®), on coming home at night,I used to smell the urine even before I got to the top of the stairs. And I used to get through a large bag of litter every week, which was not only expensive, but a problem to dispose of,too.  So Pussydo® is something of a revelation! Ngaire Lovell
I have used Pussydo® Litter and have found it to be the best for indoor cats and kittens alike - it does not track through the house & you do not seem to need to use as much as other brands.. If your a cat lover or breeder I highly recommend you try pussydo as it really does work.. Fast and no mess... A1 for Pussydo®.
Hi Guys ,
I have already rung to say thank you for the wonderful service, but wanted to repeat it in e-mail. You really helped me out - to have a Cattery full of Cats and to have no Kitty Litter because my previous supplier let me down is no joke! I ordered it midmorning on Monday the 9th, it was dispatched the same day from Nelson and I received it here in Katikati at 2 o'clock on Wednesday. That is remarkable and I would like to commend everybody involved . Truly great Customer Service! If I can help spread the word about your great Team, I will definitely be doing so. Once again, Thank You!
Gail Kennerley,
________________________________________________________________________________________"This is the most amazing kitty litter I have ever tried, it is so economical, and more importantly, it covers all the nasty smells!!! My kitty absolutely loved it from day 1, so no accidents despite being in a new home!" From a Happy customer
"I am very pleased with it, I actually think its the best invention since the electric blanket! I am definitely telling all my friends about your product, I wish I had discovered it years ago!" Anna Muller - Featherston
First, great trade and extremely prompt postage. Second, fantastic product! The Pussydo litter really is amazing and worth every cent. It doesn't smell and is super easy to clean. Absolute genius!
"Pussydo is a fantastic product, we love it! We have tried all sorts of products and find Pussydo is the best to
overcome the strong ammonia odour you often get with cat urine and lots of our clients have commented that
there is a lovely pine fragrance in the cattery. It is good value for money as you can use it more than once
due to the nature of the product. Thanks Azwood for your innovation." Donna - K9nkatz Cattery
"Product has arrived - brilliant! And thank you so very very much!" Valda
After using a small bag of the Pussydo cat litter for my own Cats, I was most impressed that I now use it in our Boarding Cattery and do not hesitate to recommend it to others.
Great price, small amount required, environmentally friendly, and best of all........NO SMELL, a number one factor when you have a number of cats all using litter trays!
Karen Leslie
Azzaro Boarding Kennels & Cattery LEVIN
"We’ve had nothing but fantastic service." Susan
Just wondering if you could please forward a further order of your product as previously sent below..
I have to say it is a wonderful product and I have recommended it to quite a few now... my cats love it and the fact that it is so environmentally friendly means I have never looked to use any other sort of litter product out there!        Cy.  (Wanaka)
"You are a pleasure to deal with! Thank you for being so easy!" Michelle
"I am really happy with your product, its economic, smells fresh and your service is excellent!!!
We also really appreciated the sponsorship for the National Cat Show hosted by Patched and
Pointed Inc in 2010." Sue Mackay

"Great product and so easy to use. Breeder gave us a bag and now we wouldn't use anything else.
Excellent friendly service." Collen Gurney, Wellington
"We are really stoked with your product, it has made our cleaning so much easier and the smell or lack of smell is great. A wonderful product." Kathleen Young SPCA Centre Manager
"I own 6 cats and have been searching for years for something that I can use as cat litter.
I have used just about every type you can buy but still have a problem with the smell and
the length of time it can be left. I have tried the white chalkie type which gives off a terrible
dust and I thought if I have to breathe that so do the cats.. not nice and smelt horrible ..I have tried the
recycled paper one that is new out, that is good but still the smell and had to change it nearly
every couple of days. I also went to a wood turner and got the wood shavings, which again
was good but lots of dust and very messy, again didn't stay fresh smelling that long. One
day I went onto Trademe and was looking to see if I could see anything different out there…
I came across "Pussydo" cat litter. I thought it was an excellent price for the quantity, so I
was thinking that I would give it a go… When I got it I was surprised to see that it was compressed
pine, little pellets. Well I have tried everything else, so I might as well give this a go… I was
completely surprised to find, that awful smell had gone even 2-3 days in of use, and my garage
was this pleasant smell of lovely pine. The absorption is brilliant as well. I have 2 large trays
and have left these up to 5 days (of course removing puss "poo" to keep it fresher longer)..
I would recommend this type of cat litter to anyone and everyone. Thank you Azwood Limited for finding
something that is, Safe, Biodegradable and Pleasant to have inside.. "
Robyn Dawson :o)
Pussydo is by far the best litter product I have used. I have three indoor cats and since changing to Pussydo you can't smell their litter trays at all. The litter doesn't end up all over the floor and if by chance you do step on a piece, it doesn't hurt your feet like other brands. Also you use a lot less of the product so the bag lasts longer. I will not be using any other litter again and I highly recommend Pussydo litter to everyone with cats, especially indoor ones :)

Very pleased with Pussydo. No more horrible smells. Wonderful, wonderful product :) S.Wiseman


I run Nelson Cat Rescue and Rehome and decided to try the Pussydo Litter and I wish I had found it years ago!!! The pine smelling litter means that there is no cat urine smell, it is extremely cost effective and there is no wastage. I would recommend to anyone to use this litter, it will be the best thing you ever do!


Cat_Litter_Box  pussydo_cat_litter_wood_pellets Pussydo_Cat_Litter_Kitty_Litter

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