Cat Breeds

Cat Breeds


Abyssinian's are thought to be one of the oldest breeds, extrovert, wilful and intelligent, but are usually not 'lap cats', being too preoccupied with exploring and playing as they would in their natural habitat. Abyssinian's need a great deal of contact with the family to keep them happy and can get depressed without daily activity and attention. Their character is charming and intelligent and they demand affection. If allowed their freedom they become relentless hunters and are enduring enough to withstand plenty of outdoor life.
Lithe and athletic, the Abyssinian is universally admired among cat enthusiasts, and definitely looks as if it is a direct descendant of the African wildcat. This medium-sized breed sports a short, ticked coat, usually a ruddy or reddish colour, but on occasion fawn, blue or other colour. They are good tempered and get on well with other cats and pets.


This is the oldest known all-American cat breed, and one which has earned great admiration all around the world .A very athletic cat, American Shorthair has a larger, leaner, and more powerfully built body than its relation, the British Shorthairs.. Because it comes in a multitude of colours and patterns, this medium-to-large sized breed is often confused with a typical alley cat, but actually is a much finer-bred animal. The American Shorthair makes for one of the very best pets due to its sturdiness and relaxed charm. American Shorthairs are low-maintenance cats that are generally healthy, easy-going and loving.



This cat type is a newly recognised breed, having been derided from a litter of very unusual kittens was born in New York. This kindle sported a completely unique coat, wiry and springy. From this came a brand new breed, the American Wirehair.

American Wirehair cat is strong, muscular, and built similarly in their size and proportion to resemble the American Shorthair, and they are also similar in their quiet and loving personality. They are also described to be affectionate, calm, cool, playful, and inquisitive breed.


Australian Mists are medium-sized shorthaired cats, The legs and tail are ringed or barred, and the face and neck also have delicate lines of colour with a round head and large, expressive eyes. Australian Mist cats come in seven colours: brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, gold and peach


Balinese remain kittenish, playful, talkative, & boisterous throughout their life. The Balinese is the longhaired version of the Siamese with a medium length fine silky, flowing coat and a plume tail. Its beautiful long hair is easy to maintain and comes in a variety of colours, including blue, chocolate, lilac and seal-points. Eyes are blue. They are reputed to be less vocal and boisterous than the Siamese but quite as affectionate, tending to be demanding. Sociable with humans and other pets. Balinese are definitely not a cat for the faint hearted, and life with them is never boring!.



This breed sports leopard-like spots that supposedly are engendered by actual wildcat ancestors. But the wildness is only coat-deep... underneath is a playful, trustworthy pet. Bengals are often thought of as large cats, but they typically fall in the size range of the domestic feline.



Birmans have a keen intelligence, loving natures and soft voices.Normally acknowledged as one of the most beautiful of all cat breeds, the Birman's trademarks are blue eyes, a luxurious coat and white slippers. The body is long and muscular but quite stocky with thickset, strongly boned legs which have a stiff rear-legged gait. This is a medium-large breed and definitely a cat known to turn heads. Yet beauty alone could not provide the popularity that this cat enjoys. They are friendly gentle cat and keep themselves spotlessly clean, making a wonderful pet choice.



This breed is closely related to the Burmese, from which it was developed in the mid-1960s.The Bombay has a coat that is short, satiny and tight to the body. The heads of Bombay cats are rounded and wide with a short tapered muzzle, the Bombay definitely cuts a fine figure. Bombay cats do not normally require grooming,. This medium-sized, lithely-built cat is quite friendly, cuddly, and usually very self-confident.



If you know you want a cat, to cuddle, the British Shorthair is for you. The British Shorthair is an carefree breed and could easy live in an apartment. The most common coat colour is blue, which does not require a lot of grooming as the fur does not tangle or mat easily.The British Shorthair has a look of overall roundness, a trait which bears resemblance to a teddy bear quality.



The Burmese is a load, both physically and in the personality department, Burmese have the reputation of being the most lively and energetic of pets and require plenty of space, the breed is notoriously nutty... delighting in fun and games that many cats couldn't imagine. They are affectionate, clever and adjustable.Burmese are vocal like the Siamese but have softer, sweeter meows. As the Burmese is in fact a pointed breed, in all colours the under parts are slightly lighter than the back.

The Burmilla is similar in nature to the Burmese, but quieter. Burmilla have a gentle and 'sweet-natured' personality, and are very playful so access to toys & scratching posts are important, as is daily attention from their owners. The coat of the Burmilla is short and dense with a silky texture. Strangers may take some time to be accepted, but once introduced, a Burmilla will happily seek out the occasional stroke.


The Cornish Rex is highly intelligent and will adapt to almost any environment as long as warmth is provided. They are devoted to their human companions and love children and dogs as well as their own kind the Cornish Rex is an adventurous cat and is very intelligent.
Its antics often appear to be deliberately mischievous. The Rex is extremely curious, seeks out the company of people and is friendly towards other companion animals. It is a suitable pet for timid children.


The Cymric, is the longhaired Manx and therefore tailless. Their coat is very unusual in that shedding is kept to a minimum. This breed has a distinctive personality, too., being a very inquisitive, smart and loyal companion. It comes in a wide variety of colours.
They are calm and gentle in nature being affectionate to their owners and tend to follow them everywhere. They may be suspicious of strangers.


The Devon is curious, some would say downright nosey... having to be involved in all activities in its household. The typical Devon is active, mischievous, playful, and very people-oriented. They have been described as a mix between a cat, a dog and a monkey.. The Devon Rex is a breed of cat that emerged in England during the 1960s. Known for their odd, striking appearance and playful, companionable nature, the Devon is a favourite among pet owners. They are also sociable, extrovert and talkative, with more of a chirrup than a meow.


The Egyptian Mau is well known for intelligence and close bonding with responsible and loving owners. Such owners typically report their Maus eagerly greet them at the door at the end of a long day at work. The Egyptian Mau is the only natural domesticated breed of spotted cat. The Egyptian's impression should be one of an active, colourful cat of medium size with well developed muscles. Perfect physical condition with an alert appearance. Well balanced physically and temperamentally. Males tend to be larger than females.



The Exotic is the easy Persian with a coat that is dense and plush. The breed comes in a wide range of colours, and sports the Persian face. Temperamentally, they are also very similar to Persians, quiet, calm and unassuming, but still very affectionate & friendly to other cats & dogs.


Is there no end to the breeds of cats that are almost assuredly not from the lands for which they are named? The Himalayan is another of such breeds, The Himalayan, also called Persian and colloquially referred to as Himmy, is a breed of cat with extremely long, fluffy fur actually a close relative of the Persian. The Himalayan shares most of other attributes with the Persian, including its famous personality.



The silky long hair of the Javanese is its principal calling card, though this breed makes for a wonderful companion as well as a beauty-contest winner.



This breed hails from Thailand, where it is respected as a "good luck cat" amongst is home land.. I is Its general appearance is of a silver blue cat with a heavy silver sheen, medium sized, hard bodies, and muscular.. The hair is not long and does not come off as easily as on some breeds. The Korat will usually develop a very close bond with its immediate family, but often does not enjoy intrusions or interruptions by others. Korats will try to win the top of hierarchy, but if they do not feel that this position is threatened the Korat is an active, charming, mild and very trusting cat, they often cling to their owners and will follow you in everything you do.


The LaPerm is active and intelligent . They demand affection, like to follow their owners around, enjoy a shoulder ride (if allowed); they are face huggers and kissers and love being cuddled.

The La Perm is an American breed. Lap. Lap and shoulder sitting are favourite pastimes of the LaPerm. Because of their smaller size, LaPerms are well suited for smaller homes and apartments, or just for people who like smaller cats The LaPerm has a sociable and outgoing nature and thrives on human companionship. They like to know what is going on around them and kittens have been known to quit nursing and seek out the source of a human voice even before their eyes are open!



They are very vocal cats but have a chirping trill rather than a meow. Gentle and affectionate they are not a lap cat but like to sit next to their owners and follow them around.

The Maine Coon has an amicable disposition but may be reserved towards strangers & make good hunters.



The origins if the tailless Manx are uncertain. The Manx is a special breed which has a small tail knob or NO tail. Aside from its rare rear, the Manx is a medium-sized cat short back and deep flank, with the hindquarters rounded and high. The show cat must be completely tailless, with a hollow where the tail would normally begin. The breed sports an overall rounded appearance and a family-friendly personality (Mellow & Even tempered.)



Ocicats are a very outgoing breed.. Oricates they were the result of breeding an Abyssinian/Siamese cross back to a Siamese. The Ocicat is substantial but athletic, with a sleek coat. Most can easily be trained to fetch, walk on a leash and harness, come when called, speak, sit, lie down on command and a selection of other dog-related tricks Extremely loyal and loving, they are confident with people despite not being a real jungle cat, the ocicat makes a very outgoing pet and a fine family member.



Oriental are bright, sociable animals who bond closely to their Owners. A medium sized breed with a long and slender body with slim legs and long whip tail. The Oriental is the Siamese without the point colour and has green eyes. They are inquisitive, friendly, demanding and often quite vocal. Oriental Shorthairs have been likened to a Greyhound or a Chihuahua in appearance. It makes for a beautiful animal, and quite a nice personality package as well. A breed known to be demonstrative and loving.



Speaking of popularity, here is Number One. A true beauty with its pinched face & luxuriant coat of fur. The Persian is a big, strong cat with a thick coat & short legs. Their eyes can be mucky and need cleaning, The coat needs a daily brush to keep tidy. Not a low maintenance cat! The Persian is a dignified regal breed with a quite good nature making them a popular house cats. It is the ultimate lap-cat, and its myriads of fans.



The name comes from the ability these cats have to relax and go completely limp when being handled, but of course, only when it suits them! Ragdolls are a colour-pointed breed, and come in four colours -- blue, seal, chocolate and lilac, and three patterns. The Ragdoll cat typically very gentle and laid back & people orientated. When entertained from young they are become very affectionate and will seek out human companionship.



The Russian Blue is known for being a very intelligent and active animal. An elegant cat with a long graceful body and legs. Distinctive features are large ears set vertically on the head, a short wedge with a straight nose profile with prominent whisker pads and vivid green eyes The coat is plush but not long, and does not require constant grooming.

A quiet, soft voiced cat that is obliging and affectionate to its owners but undemanding. They are sensitive to basic human emotions. Though curious, playful and loyal, it can be somewhat shy around strangers or in unfamiliar situations. They enjoy playing with a variety of toys and develop extremely loyal bonds to their loved ones. Mixes well with pets and children



Scottish Folds receive high marks for playfulness, affection, and grooming, and are often intelligent, loyal, soft spoken, and adaptable to home situations and people.

The folded ear gene stems from a Scottish farm cat which produced two folded-ear kittens in 1963. The very unusual folded-forward ears of this breed originated from what is called a "spontaneous mutation” Subsequent line-breeding was successful in reproducing the ear-folds. Just a few decades later, the Scottish Fold is one of the rising stars of the cat world. A relatively short, well rounded body with a short coat. Scottish Folds come in a wide array of colours. Not all have folded ears. It seems that kittens either inherit the folds, or they don't. By the age of 4/5 weeks, the folds should have appeared, if they are going to.

Breeding is generally to the British Shorthair, so temperament is similar - being home loving and fond of their owners, the Fold is intelligent, gentle and even-tempered.



This is a very new breed, that is not yet recognised by all registries. It usually comes in solid colours, and is typically an affable companion. The Selkirk Rex likes to be cuddled, is curious and likes to play. Selkirks are very robust and not easily frightened by loud nosies. The Selkirk is a medium to large cat with heavy bone that gives it unexpected weight. It has a round full-cheeked head with medium ears set well apart. The Selkirk comes in longhaired and shorthaired varieties.



Still perhaps the ultimate "people-cat", the beautiful Siamese is the essence of the communicative cat... never failing to explain exactly how it feels about a given situation. The Siamese is a beautifully balanced medium sized, short-haired cat with a long svelte body on fine legs and long tapering tail. Large ears set low on the head to form a triangle with the nose which is straight in profile.

The Siamese is one of the first distinctly recognised breeds of Oriental cat. Siamese are intelligent cats, renowned for their social nature. Often they bond strongly to a single person.

Extremely affectionate, active and demanding. Very intelligent and extremely vocal, they are generally sociable but tend to bond more closely to one person

Two types seem to have developed -- the "original", elongated shape, and the "traditional", more rounded shape. Both carry the inimitable Siamese personality.



The Siberian is a medium/large, strong cat of medium length hair, which takes 5 years to mature. They are extremely agile and athletic. Their muscles are mighty, outstanding and powerful. Brown tabby is perhaps the most common colour scheme, but many others are available as well. Look for this breed to continue to move upwards on the popularity scale. The Siberian is a long haired breed of cat. Siberians are generally intelligent, playful, affectionate and loyal, leading many to describe their character as dog-like. These cats are always attached to owners and they are very loyal and playful, and enjoy the outdoors. The overall appearance should be one of great strength, and power; the facial expression is quite sweet.



This very pretty breed apparently developed in Singapore from the mixture of Asiatic breed types available there.The Singapura is a moderately stocky and muscular small to medium-sized cat, with a very short and fine coat. A full grown female usually weighs 5-6 pounds while the male weighs 6-8 pounds. They are affectionate and desire human interaction.

The tail is normal length, the feet are very small, the body is smaller, of a medium length and should be muscular. Eyes may be hazel, green or yellow but mature eye colour is not predicable in kittens

A very outgoing and involved breed, the Singapura rarely encounters someone it doesn't like. An extroverted, curious, playful cat that insists on helping you with everything. They are very intelligent and interactive with people and remain so even into old age.



This interesting breed, is a medium-sized cat with smooth coat, and often blue eyes . The Snowshoe are generally sweet tempered, energetic, playful, and adaptable. They are a very social breed that requires more attention than most cats do, and consequently cannot be left alone for long periods of time. They usually are friendly to everyone in the household, but will typically be primarily focused on one person in the household

This is a well-proportioned cat with a friendly disposition that probably is going to rise quickly in popularity.






Abyssinians and Somalis share the same personality (active, intelligent, playful, curious) and appearance. The only difference between them is the fur length and therefore the amount of grooming required. Unlike most long-haired cats, Somalis shed very little excess hair. The most striking asset of the Somali is its beautiful, bushy tail, which seems more pronounced because the body hair is not that long. The coat which is semi long and very soft.

The Somali has an even disposition with a soft voice, they are gentle and affectionate, although some can be shy. Agile and athletic and need a fair amount of space. Somalis can generally be counted on to be loving family members.



The most distinctive feature of this cat is its appearance of hairlessness (though it is actually covered with a very soft, fine down).. The winner in the "Most Unusual Cat" category, is the without a doubt the Sphynx. Despite being relatively hairless, the breed does show coloration of various types and patterns. Because the Sphynx cats have no hair to keep them warm they prefer to cuddle up against other animals and people, They display a high level of energy, and affection for their owners

The body is warm and soft to the touch, with a different texture to the skin. Females (six to eight pounds) are generally smaller than males (eight to ten pounds).



Tonkinese can be a mischievous cat if they become bored or lonely, they are very playful. A feline friend, interesting toys etc will keep them active and occupied when your not available. . The Tonkinese is the result of breeding Burmese to Siamese and is said to combine the best qualities of each. . Tonks are sometimes said to have "mink"-like coats, in texture and colour. The come in a range of colours that fit nicely in-between the Siamese and Burmese schemes. Tonkinese are communicative and self-confident, they make excellent pets lively, unusually intelligent and very friendly.



One of the most outgoing and affectionate of all cat breeds, the rare and beautiful Turkish Angora has a fascinating history and was once on the brink of near-extinction. Turkish Angora is an intelligent, adorable and a very curious breed which is very active throughout their life-span. Turks are not only intelligent, but extremely adaptable, loving and playful, which makes them an excellent choice for families with young children, dogs and are a lovely companions for senior adults. They tend to bond with their owners and try to be the centre of attention. The breed sports a very luxurious coat, often pure white. These still relatively rare cats have an intelligent and pleasing nature about them as well.


Turkish Vans are known to be very intelligent, Vans are people cats that want to be with people wherever. They like to play and jump and explore anything in their reach. They are energetic they play hard and sleep hard. The Turkish Van has a long, muscular body of medium size and fine bone with a graceful lithe appearance. A short wedge-shaped head, the ears are large, pointed and set high on the head with tufts. The eyes are round to almond shape, pink rimmed and eyes of amber or blue - they can also be odd-eyed, with one blue and one amber. Inquisitive and social, the Turkish Van is yet another in the long line of excellent pure breeds available to satisfy any cat lover.


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