Wood Pellet Cat Litter vs Clay & Crystal Litter

Putting Cat Litters to the Test.

Absorbancy test final-399                            


Testing the Absorption for Wood Pellet Litter, Clay Litter & Crystal Litter.

All Level amounts put in each cup.  2x50ml Liquid (water) was placed in each cup over a 2 hour period.
The results are obvious to see.
All Cups Level with Cat Litter
The Crystal makes quite a noise soaking up the liquid, but is ever so slightly better than the clay in this test, The Clay as quite dusty and as you can see there is a large excess of water (normally urine) floating on top. PLEASE don't tip this over!  Where as the Wood Pellet Litter there is NO liquid in the cup, the wood pellets have expanded up to collect the moisture. Showing Less is need in a tray and still does a better job!!

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